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Tall like a tree sprouting succulent leaves gracing it’s environs with it’s elegance, recognizes what it’s hungry hormones wants at a glance.

Endowed with an innocent beauty tempting to the beholder who is left with a desire to explore, very active and hormonal, now feels like an adult denies being a child but without a knowledge it still acts like one.

Caged by rebellion, trying to move beyond boundaries, caution stings like a bee when it reaches it’s ear and rings a bell to be back into the walls of knowledge but the urge to go astray supercedes.

Rushes out to get a glimpse of its crush, desires to be loved and cared for. Producing flowers with sweet scent and nectar attracting agents of pollination, if not careful enough to control it’s hormones will actually be polluted with a crashed future

It’s tendrils may not be able to leave the fence if properly supported with sticks that will enable it stand on its own and know the rules of life to escape the storms of the budding stage without the burdens of regret. The nurse may become an enemy, the one it once suckled from it may despise cos it’s hormones are not in harmony with discipline.

Proud like a peacock, drunk in it’s beauty, feels it shouldn’t be seen as anything other than an epitome of beauty, blinded by arrogance, deviating from the path of knowledge but the rod of correction will surely return.

Overwhelmed by the travails of juvenile, searching for a way to breathe but found known, sinking in a mess, pressing deeper into situations that are so difficult to correct but grace will always be sufficient and a trace will be made to the right track.

Published by amadimira

I'm poet A creative content creator I motivate I Inkspire 🔥


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