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If the soil is fertile and the climate cooperates the plants will grow well and reproduce, in the absence of a good soil and climatic condition plants die while some go away in search of a fertile ground.

When this keeps happening the farmer will have no gain cos it’s grains will be drained from their original place to other places in search of a fertile ground.

They keep saying I want to go away cos the soil doesn’t give a way that improves productivity.

If the resources are put together to make the home fertile they will come together to make their home a place others will wish to be.

The plants are continuously drained to other parts where their rain aid growth until we are left with few plants while what is ours go out and scream until they cream that abode with development while we watch from a far and appreciate them as they blossom, does that mean our own land couldn’t make them blossom?

We still stand a chance of making our soil fertile for our plants, only if we can let passion give us vision which we drive our mission when we take up the mantle so that we don’t trample on our chance of making good use of our resources tapped out of their sources for the benefit of our plants.

We stand a chance to be better, our plants can still dance in our land cause our rain and climate can support it.

Soon our plants will no longer be drained they will have a land where they will be trained for better and they will blossom to a point where every part of them testifies how awesome they are.

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