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Never been so sure a while back but now it’s all gone no longer feel it’s presence perhaps ears are not sharp enough to capture sounds just afraid to accept the inevitable can as well wait for it probably a dream what to do when the heart can’t be kept in check out to investigateContinue reading “CRAVED ANSWER”


Maybe its a phase, one that will pass too, and the skies will welcome cool breeze again, the glory of the ancient world back to how it use to be, Maybe… We stand a chance to fight the little minions polluting the home we know, the big “O” can still be recovered, spreading purity below,Continue reading “BIG “O””


A desire it was, hunger i thought would know no satisfaction, an organ racing within, bombarded with yearnings for more, where reasons and logic failed faith began that my eyes capturing all it could didn’t know, only desperate to tell a bitter story What if… this is outside the page of the author, maybe creatingContinue reading “DESIRE”

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