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Never been so sure a while back but now it’s all gone

no longer feel it’s presence

perhaps ears are not sharp enough

to capture sounds

just afraid to accept the inevitable

can as well wait for it

probably a dream

what to do when the heart can’t be kept in check

out to investigate

assumptions instigated against the known

cool it was at a point

real too but now can’t decipher

maybe drifting from believe

what would be what wouldn’t

wish to hear it all

to embraace the improvised

when desired wasn’t meant to be

packing up from the wrong path

certain once truth is unraveled.

Sometimes concrete then abstract

never really there that’s all the mist says

an urge so strong to hold onto something deep

desperate for a sign to keep

pushing but then again it’s a mirage….

When the odds are favourable it’s felt

very much obvious

the eyes seeing a lot

putting tasks on the worktop making it seem a lie

perhaps exaggerating what isn’t trim the feathers so it flies less

no trespasses contented with truth

and will happily wait for the comet no matter how long.

Like an allergy, causing much trouble

doesn’t feel good to the stomach anymore

blinded by answers present yet not seen

causing so much reactions

contents seeking for an escape route

pressure maybe telling

the craved answer should be the epinephrine.

Published by amadimira

I'm poet A creative content creator I motivate I Inkspire 🔥

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