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Comfort has been your watchword even in situations that appears not to be, relationship the channel you use to display your love and beauty, bringing together two different entity, coexistence for life to be as supposed, needs are met, assistance given, continuation of life, everything boiling down to comfort.

Algae and fungi in lichen giving assistance to each other, a relationship of benefits each getting what they need, this is beautiful indeed, being dutiful, the joy of giving and receiving without feeling cheated, mutualism.

Am epitome of perfection, it’s evident in the clothes you designed for the flowers, each and everyone of them clothed with apparels of many colors, beauty initiated by just a transfer of pollen grains, your agents put in place to make the process a success for life to continue, giving shade, absorbing noise, calming minds with alluring scents, all these are roles that make them who they are.

Comfort your priority, you make it clear in every action, housing microbes in root noodles while in turn they facilitate the nutrient cycle to aid plant growth so that life can be sustained, isn’t this wonderful.

Closely related species assembled to interact so they find solutions from one another, regardless of challenges they encounter comfort is given out like a warm spring, even when another becomes uncomfortable arms are still spread out to give warmth, no loss of identity even when life has to be taken.

Beauty in all diversity, variety the spice of life, perfection in all ramification.

Published by amadimira

I'm poet A creative content creator I motivate I Inkspire 🔥

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