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There is a pain down there, no gain, real stress and needs to heal.yeah it needs to heal, the wound down there needs to heal and it’s counting on you to let that happen.

Healing is the process of rejuvenating, coming back to normal state of being after an injury, the injury could be physical, emotional etc, it is the process of overcoming pain and emerge renewed. It is important you heal cause the progress of you as an entity depends on the enthusiasm of your mind, when you’re dealing with pain you’re not happy so you need to heal and become happy so you function properly. I was once in a similar situation but won’t say it was very, very severe cause pain has levels, I will be sharing with you tips that will help you become resilient, tips that will heal you by the grace of God, dear whatever it is I want you to know that it’s gonna heal, healing it’s a process, it doesn’t just happen spontaneously, it’s a gradual process, you keep getting better until you are completely fine, I am still healing, I have past various stages but I tell you am still in the process of getting better, it’s no longer as terrible as it was, you can also heal, you can be happy again no matter the level of your pain believe me, the balm of Gilead is there to soothe your pain, he is the most reliable shoulder to lean on.

One step to healing is to ask God, invite him into your situation, tell him to help you forget, you can’t go through other steps without him by your side, he will be there to guide you every step on the way, he has the power to touch your mind and extract the pain down there.

The next step is acceptance and forgiveness, yeah you have to accept that the very incident that occurred was beyond your control, accept that it has happened and nothing can be done about it, you have to realize it’s time to move on and stop thinking of thousands of ways it would have been prevented by you, look at it as something that was bound to happen cause that is what it is to be frank with you, even if certain steps were taken nothing would have changed cause it’s called fate, it’s been written to be so, you need to forgive yourself you have no power whatsoever to rewrite Destiny, whatever happened did for a reason,no need to keep beating yourself up, make a decision to move away from the past and become stronger viewing every pain you feel as a preparation for a better future.

Thirdly you have to understand that the very pain in question needs medication, when I say medication I mean help, for instance therapy, yes you need therapy if you can no longer cope on your own, yes when the pain is beyond your tolerance limit you now need someone to discuss it with, that will help you heal faster, you need to quickly get aid from a therapist so you don’t gradually slip into depression, you can’t keep sinking into the bubbles of pain forgetting how to be happy.

The next on the list is stopping self-pity session you give to yourself, you need to stop, it’s not gonna be easy but it isn’t impossible, self-pity energizes your pain, it’s agony on its own, it serves as a further pull into the ocean of hurt. You need to stop thinking of what you lost or what you were deprived by the very incident, or torturing yourself by thinking of the thoughts of the society you live in, stay clear of negative thoughts and their possibilities rather think about how to breakthrough the phase you are in, how to make yourself happy, think about how your survivor story will help heal another when you successfully overcome, see yourself healed and things you’re gonna achieve when get better, think about how it’s going to feel when happiness embraces you again, see yourself in a state where you look back at the past and see it as something that made you stronger without feeling an ounce of pain.

Look I want you to know that you are resilient, you are capable of overcoming every pain, so don’t let quicksand be the end of a trial, become offensive the situation, get tired of being a slave in the chain of pain, let go and let God, stop holding onto the memories of your past, trust me if you do all these you are already in the pathway of healing, everything that happens do so for a reason, to make us stronger, to enable another realize that there is still a purpose to live after hearing your story.

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