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Do you know that smell

The smell of wasted mangoes, the buzzings of hungry flies.

When the season is here after an absciss occur the extremely ripe goodness falls, when squashed by a foot breaks open and a smell of delicious goodness fills the air, flies humming to the sweetness from every peck.

Do you know that smell

the smell of wasted mangoes the buzzings of hungry flies

Sweet yellow fruits lying on the ground yet to be picked if not seen will become rotten, hungry friends trace the smell from afar, they come buzzing, eager to have a taste of the juicy fruit.

Do you know that scent, the scent of fallen flowers

When they crowd the ground, moist and soft, air wrecking of their alluring scent with every breathe they are launched into senses, minds swimming in the little bubble of their captivating scent, soothing nerves.

Do you know that smell

The smell of squashed grapes ready for wine, juicy redness,nature flavoured sweetness running down a track with each sip, souls melting into it’s fragrance,

The scents of nature are many,it takes a wind to cause a swirling, then a flow, they come running down the senses, their presence so high calming the mind.

Published by amadimira

I'm poet A creative content creator I motivate I Inkspire 🔥

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