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Feel alone in this, I got no one, the source of shine darkens when shadows penetrate the unguarded doors, not a shoulder to lean on, every push comes to a halt no lift, when the cloud darkens follows a pour to unburden, when did the sunlight leave my sky? engulfed by difficulties, strangled by change, entangled with pain.

My soul yearns for a chance, an urge to feel happy, when will the sun rise again to brighten my sky? ease needed for the face to glow, the finish line of race still far I guess.

The soup turned sour, storms became my acquaintance, the glory of the midnight sky lost, enveloped by thick darkness, developed passion for the new found state cause the gate of freedom was locked.

Solely I walk, lonely I’m but not alone, am a part of a branch, connected to a true vine that will turn my sour wine sweet. Bathed with sweat, working for a wheat, ease a stranger, hoping the hands of the clock changes someday.

Published by amadimira

I'm poet A creative content creator I motivate I Inkspire 🔥

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