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A conscious thought, flying thoughts, passion there have never been like this, yet a feeling there or did it just come?

Have always been around, wound to the neck like a necklace but never jiggled even with a wiggle.

Is it by chance or prewritten but all the same an incident led to it.

Shocked is an understatement of how I felt, never knew it was possible although it happened, have seen it somewhere but now in my abode is something I still can’t comprehend, or is it a figment of my imagination.

A new creation, be it consciously or a flying thought, it came to being, different level, a new dimension, could it be a trance? an event triggered this, a journey with numerous stagger.

A rush, a capture, it’s all about time

Published by amadimira

I'm poet A creative content creator I motivate I Inkspire 🔥

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