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If you love me you won’t end me you will leave me be.

If you love me you won’t destroy where I call home all in the name of urbanization, you will keep me safe cause am also a home to many.

I let you perceive the freshness of nature when the wind passes through my canopies, I’m a shelter to the source of your energy, I let the roots of your anchor stay protected by wading off the thief of their comfort but was still exploited for bigger purposes as you call it.

My fall rendered many homeless, those that called my canopies their abode wept, they became stranded cause the place they rest their head after a rough day no longer exist.

No selective exploration, no opportunity to regenerate cause they were only interested in the profit they are to generate.

Love went missing, conscience became sealed, selfishness prevailed, I was betrayed, thought we were collaborating, when did your feelings towards me change that you destroyed me without a second thought that too beyond regeneration.

I absorbed every discomfort around you, prevented your roof from detaching, gave the grower of your food a source of moisture, where did I go wrong?

I thought you would’ve been strong enough to at least relate to me my inconsistencies if any, you raided our home, chased away our friends, killed some, was the situation really beyond negotiation? was my kindness never enough?

Published by amadimira

I'm poet A creative content creator I motivate I Inkspire 🔥

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